F1 Pitstop Experience

Are you up for a pitstop challenge? These F1 pitstop experiences give you that classic pitstop challenge against the clock with some brilliant add-on activities to create a fantastic motorsports-themed experience that’ll test your brain cells your driving and construction skills!

These experiences all based around F1 motorsport and the pit-lane are perfect for groups of friends colleagues or family. You can buy vouchers for 2 to 24 people and they’re hosted and run by a specialist motorsports event company so you’re in the hands of the experts.

You’re sure to have seen the pit-lane teams at work during Formula One races. Poised and ready in position it’s perfectly choreographed and has been practiced over and over and over again to get the time right down. After all in F1 every millisecond counts and a sloppy pit-stop could lose you the race. Now this is your chance to work together to get that wheel changed in quick flash time on your F1 pitstop challenge.

And to make it authentic you will be changing the wheel of a genuine ex-race F1 car. All the top racing teams have what they call pitstop practice cars and they do exactly what it says: they’re used to perfect pitstops. Will your team keep its nerve during the F1 pitstop challenge?

Then there are the add-on activities namely the F1 simulator and the kart build challenge. Those on the Plus experience will do the pitstop challenge and either the simulator or the kart build. The Ultimate experience gives you all three challenges wrapped into one fab experience.

The F1 simulator is professional grade. Any UK or international circuit can be loaded onto this high-tech F1 simulator and with 4k graphics full-force feedback steering wheel and full sound you’ll feel totally immersed in the racing action.

And what’s kart building all about? Well forget flat-packed furniture from a certain Swedish shop this challenge will see you trying to put together 44 components to make a proper working mini kart. Oh and there are no instructions…

Pitstop Challenge Pitstop Challenge Plus or Ultimate whichever F1-themed experience you choose it’s going to be fun competitive and memorable. Buy vouchers for up to 24 participants direct online now.

Find out more and book your place today!