F1 Race Simulator

Put yourself in the hot seat with this F1 Grand Prix Simulator experience! This full simulation driving experience is so realistic you’re sure to be leaning into the corners as you race through the chicanes and hairpins in a Formula One race car on a pick of the world’s most famous motor racing circuits.

The Grand Prix experience starts with a full driver briefing where you’ll learn about the race pods and controls characteristics of the cars timing equipment racing etiquette and flags on the course. Then as you step into the darkened race area you’ll see it’s like mission control. Ten race pods in a circle all fully linked. Each pod has a very lifelike cockpit and you sit in a full race seat as the immersive display in front you shows your car on the track with the view from your seat.

Make no mistake this isn’t arcade racing. The cars have no ABS no traction control no steering assistance and no catch up. Even tyre wear and fuel consumption is taken into account so driving is just like the real thing and with your headphones on and the blast of the engine roaring in your ears you’ll soon be completely engrossed in the atmosphere and be giving it your all to win a very real place on the podium.

The format of the F1 Grand Prix Simulator race experience starts with practice sessions and qualifier hotlaps. You’ll then take part in a series of heats against your fellow racers where the best drivers will accrue valuable points and the top three scorers at the end of the experience will be invited onto the winners’ podium to collect their trophy. We think this is excellent experience that offers you thrilling F1 racing at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

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