Falconry Derbyshire

There’s no need to get your wings in a flap you’re going to really enjoy your session of falconry in Derbyshire! With a choice of either an introductory Hawk Walk or the three-hour Birds of Prey course there’s something to suit all ages.

Hawks and falcons have been popular birds for hunting for centuries and the raptors’ finely honed skills have stayed as sharp as ever as you’ll discover when you arrive at the Risley centre for your falconry experience. Derbyshire offers an excellent location to learn about and observe these marvellous creatures with plenty of open spaces and hedgerows where the birds love to fly and hunt.

Ben Breward is a highly experienced falconer who rears trains and handles his extensive collection of birds based out of this Derbyshire garden centre estate. You’ll get the chance to meet some of Ben’s magnificent Hawks and other raptors whilst learning about the work of a falconer and how these birds are trained.

The Hawk Walk is an excellent place for those new to bird-handling to start with a gentle one-hour stroll through Risley’s peaceful woodland accompanied by a Harris Hawk. These majestic birds are popular across the northern hemisphere for hunting and flying displays and will happily alternate between perching on your gloved hand alighting on high-up tree branches and swooping gracefully down their keen eyes constantly on the look-out for prey.

The Birds of Prey session offers a more in-depth introduction to falconry. The Derbyshire team will give you some key information about the different types of birds including owls hawks and falcon and during the activity you’ll have the chance to handle some of these sleek silent killers and discover what fascination they hold for so many people. You’ll also get the opportunity to fly one or two birds to the glove which is a truly breathtaking experience as the graceful raptor swoops back in towards your outstretched hand.

Sink your claws into one of our full-feathered falconry experiences in Derbyshire and see if you’ve got what it takes to hold you own among the hunting elite. It’s a fabulous day out in the countryside and we’re sure you won’t be able to resist the wide-eyed gaze of these gorgeous predators.

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Falconry Derbyshire
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