Falconry Edinburgh

Eagle-eyed bird enthusiasts will love these exclusive opportunities to learn falconry in Edinburgh! Meet and work with an impressive collection of birds of prey on a one-to-one basis in a stunning setting just outside Scotland’s capital and discover why these majestic birds hold such a time-honoured place in the hearts of their masters.

Dalhousie castle build in the 13th century by the chieftains of Clan Ramsay sits in 700 acres of Scottish woodland providing the perfect backdrop for your falconry activity. This Edinburgh venue offers three different birds of prey display and handling experiences with the Owl Encounter the Hawk Walk and the more in-depth Ultimate Falconry vouchers so there’s something to suit everyone on these family-friendly feathered days out.

Opting for the Owl Encounter you’ll learn about the habitats hunting and behaviour of these ever-popular birds of prey from the experienced Edinburgh team. You’ll also get the chance to meet indigenous British species of owl such as the Tawny Barn and Little Owls as well as rarities like the Mexican Striped European and Bengal Eagle and Boobook Owls. And for any hopeful witches and wizards out there you can handle the Snowy and Grey Owls made popular by the Harry Potter books!

The Hawk Walk does just that. You will head off for a stroll with your falconer and get to see the hawks deftly weaving in and out of the trees. These magnificent birds are commonly referred to as the ‘wolves of the sky’ as they’re the only birds of prey to hunt in packs and here you’ll be able to appreciate their skill to the full by observing them doing just that in their natural habitat.

The Ultimate bird of prey voucher offers an all-encompassing falconry experience at this Edinburgh centre that will have you enthralled with a short history of the birds as well as offering plenty of time to enjoy close encounters with the likes of hawks owls and buzzards. Admire the agility and speed of the falcons and feel the thrill of having a raptor fly to your gloved hand.

All in all the Dalhousie team provides an excellent range of activities offering lots of ‘hands on’ time with these beautiful raptors and all on an one to one basis so you won’t be part of a group. You can choose to share your experience with loved ones as two spectators are permitted to follow you through your introduction to falconry near Edinburgh or book a voucher for up to six for an exclusive group experience.

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Falconry Edinburgh
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