Falconry in Bedfordshire

No need to get in a flap these experiences are hosted at one of the country’s finest centres for birds of prey in Bedfordshire! You will be getting up close to the raptors at this family-run business that has been established for many years at a superb activity farm near Bedford. Falconry and other birds of prey venues are listed on our main Falconry page.

The collection of these agile prey-hunting birds here in Bedfordshire numbers about 300 including some rare and endangered species from around the world. The courses offer all levels of involvement from a simple taste of handling birds of prey to more advanced falconry training and full day hunts with hawks.

In just two hours in Bedfordshire you will have the chance to handle and fly a huge variety of birds of prey chosen from amongst one of the largest collections in the UK and the emphasis is on a “hands on” approach to learning and experiencing these wonderful birds.  The day starts at 10.00 and ends at 12.00 – very civilised!

If you go for the Introductory Course your full day out starts with avian food and health the laws that protect birds of prey and the different types of hawks and falcons that are flown today as well as getting to meet and hold some of the wonderful species of birds of prey that call Bedfordshire home. This will be followed by lunch in the centre’s restaurant (not included in the price). In the afternoon there is a practical demonstration on free flying the hawks falcons and owls with the highlight of your day will be the opportunity to fly birds yourself under supervision.

On the Hawking Half Day Course you see the sport of falconry into its full context introducing you to the thrill of the chase as you hunt live quarry working a team of Harris Hawks. If you do not wish to take part in a proper hunt you can choose to enjoy a hawk walk around the Bedfordshire countryside where the birds of prey will demonstrate their skills but with no live animals as prey. You will spend the rest of the morning hunting with the hawks before returning to the centre with transport provided in the centre’s own off road vehicles.

As well as this range of falconry in Bedfordshire sessions Into the Blue offers a wide selection of alternative experience and activity days on our home page.

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