Falconry in Cheshire

This Cheshire falconry venue boasts one of the largest collections of falcons and other birds of prey in the country at about 85 birds ranging from Falcons to a rare White Tailed Sea Eagle.

The half day ‘meet the birds’ is a morning experience which starts with a 30 minute introduction to the birds you will be flying held in the ‘mews’ section of this Cheshire falconry centre. You will start to learn some of the terminology and vital information required for falconry that you will shortly be needing when you come to fly your first bird. You will then be fitted with a glove and move up to the flying field. During the rest of the morning (broken only by a break for coffee) you will fly up to six different species of bird of prey including Hawk Falcon Buzzard Owl Vulture and possibly even an Eagle.

The full day falconry course in Cheshire starts with a welcome and introduction by your host falconer. You then receive a 30 minute introduction to the birds. This is the beginning of a day of total immersion into the fascinating world of falconry by the end of which you will have a real insight and understanding of the subject. At this stage you are just being given enough information to enable the Falconer to set you up with a glove and head to the flying field to fly those raptors.

After lunch (included in price of this Cheshire falconry session) you have the opportunity to apply your new skills and expertise out in the countryside. You will take several different birds and spend the afternoon flying them and learning how they interact with you and what makes them such formidable hunters. At the end of the day you will not only leave with a more involved knowledge about falcons but with new knowledge about the natural world in general.

Our Raptor Experience is an EXCLUSIVE Into the Blue offer and will be hosted by an expert falconer who’ll start the session off by introducing you to the birds of prey in the aviary and on the weathering lawn. You will then be given a glove and shown how to get the birds to land on your gloved hand. The first time one of these fine raptors swoops in to then land so softly and gently on your hand is truly amazing. You both might be nervous at first but by the end of your hands on experience with the raptors you’ll be a dab hand. And for an extra dimension to your day you can add on a Segway ride around this Cheshire centre to round off your falconry day.

Open to the public this friendly Cheshire falconry centre is a very popular visitor attraction and has excellent facilities on site including an award winning restaurant. We think you’ll love these varied and very much hands-on raptor experiences!

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