Learn Falconry in Fife with these superb half and full day experiences! This lovely Fife falconry centre equidistant from Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy is not even open to the public so you will be getting a really privileged insight into the magical world and work of the falconer and their raptors with plenty of hands-on experience too.

What we love about this venue is that it is owned and run by a collective of Fife falconers who are passionate about the ancient sport of falconry so you will get a brilliant insight into raptor care and husbandry. And don’t forget the falconer’s will be giving you 100% of their attention as it will be a private session here in Fife. With a fine collection of birds of prey you will get to meet and fly with a good number of birds ¬†including the likes of Taru the Asian Wired Owl Mia the female Golden Eagle and Boomerang the female Harris Hawk.

Fife’s half day falconry experience will see you spending time at the blissfully peaceful farm estate learning about falconry with the fine Scottish heathlands as your back drop. This sort of countryside is where the birds feel most at home and¬†as they fly gracefully around their natural habitat so it will be a truly moving experience as you meets the birds fly an owl head out for a walk with one of the Hawks and take the Land Rover to get to the wide open fields to be able to fly a gorgeous Falcon before finally flying an Eagle.

A full day of falconry in Fife means you will spend the whole day with the birds and the falconry team so you will be totally immersed in the life and work of the falconers. In fact it’s almost as though you are a member of the team that has been breeding training and caring for raptors here in Fife since 1988. Throughout the day you will be flying Owls Falcons Eagles and Hawks to your gloved hand and learning all about their individual characters. Your hosts will also teach you lots about how these magnificent birds can be trained to fly in a controlled way whilst never losing sight of their natural instincts.

So why not have a go at falconry? Fife has to be one of the best places to be able to meet and work with birds of prey in total tranquility and peace. It’s a very calm serene place here in Fife especially as it is not a visitor centre making these Fife falconry days even more special.

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