Falconry in Powys

This isn’t just any falconry experience in Wales it’s a just for you falconry day! What we love about this falconry experience in Powys is the fact that it is exclusive to you very chilled out and in a superb setting. These one to one falconry sessions are the very best mid-Wales has to offer and you can either go solo or as a pair to enjoy the afternoon together.

If you’re already familiar with Machynlleth in Powys you’ll know what a lovely place it is. If you’re not these falconry experiences are the perfect excuse to get to know this fascinating part of Wales. There’s lots going on here (check out the Centre for Alternative Technology) and a real community feel to this Welsh market town which makes a day out discovering the ancient art of falconry all the more enticing.

Your hosts for these falconry sessions are Barry and Luce. Originally from Machynlleth Barry has worked around the world in the realms of conservation ornithology as a safari teacher and tour leader. Now back in the rolling Welsh countryside of Powys Barry works with Luce tending to their birds of prey and promoting their conservation efforts. Luce specialises in animal behaviour and environmental issues and she has been involved in exotic species for many years. Together they are a dedicated and passionate team caring for their family of raptors.

So it’s with the Cambrian mountain range as you backdrop that you will be invited to meet these majestic birds with Barry and Luce. You might meet the likes of Lakota the Bald Eagle Isca the Red Kite Maggie the White Faced Owl and Altai the magnificent Golden Eagle who also happens to be a film star!

All the feathered residents here in mid-Wales have been bred in captivity and your hosts will explain to you why this is an important measure in the conservation of the species. And whilst you get to know the individual characters and personalities of each bird you’ll also learn lots about looking after birds of prey and the relationship between bird and falconer.

It’s truly fascinating stuff and remember each falconry experience in Wales is hosted on a one to one basis so it’ll just be you the birds and the falconers. Over the course of the afternoon you will get to meet and fly a wide variety of raptors including the mighty Eagles and cute-as-a-button Owls too!

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