Falconry in Rutland

Bird handling and flying are the order of the day when you book falconry in Rutland! We are offering a trio of experiences at this Rutland falconry centre with an owl experience as well as full and half day birds of prey sessions. All three give you plenty of chance to watch with delight as well as flying these magnificent creatures.

Simon Tebbutt runs this bird of prey centre at the Greetham Valley Golf Course and Hotel assisted by his daughter. It’s the perfect location for falconry days as it’s easily accessible (being just off the A1 trunk road between Stamford and Stretton) yet is nestled in a wonderfully wild corner of the tiny county that is Rutland. There are huge swathes of countryside with lakes and wooded areas interspersed by golfing greens all interconnected with paths and tracks. And you’re actually on the famed Viking Way hiking trail here which runs from the Humber Bridge to Oakham in Rutland.

The birds of prey adore it here too. Out on the falconry experiences the Buzzards love nothing better than swooping in from afar to land so gently on your gloved hand to savour that tasty morsel of chicken you were holding. Raptors’ hunting instinct is incredible as you’ll find out if you book the full day falconry session and spend the afternoon in the rolling Rutland countryside on a Hawk Walk.

Lucky the Barn Owl and mates Errol and Bob are the cutest trio of Owls you could hope to meet. Although sometimes shy they do love to perform for an audience so expect to be utterly enthralled by them if you choose the owl experience. In fact this one is really popular with younger falconry fans and is open to little ones aged 12 years or over.

As well as entertaining visitors on the falconry days in Rutland Simon Tebbutt has built quite a reputation for various services; from appearing in TV productions and at weddings to pest control and organising specialist raptor photography sessions. These falconry experiences will teach you about each species and their roles through the ages whilst giving you plenty of hands-on flying and handling too. 

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