Falconry in Surrey

Family-run falconry in Surrey! Birds of prey and falconry is a way of life for this Surrey family and their mission is to share their passion through displays educational events and these experience days which take place on a private farm near Dorking.

We’re offering a trio falconry sessions in Surrey starting with the one-hour taster then the half day and finally the full-day experience. The ‘Rangle’ (which refers to the teeny stones fed to birds of prey to aid digestion) is perfect for all ages as it gives you an insight into the world of birds with plenty of time to meet and fly several species too within your one-hour session.

By far the most popular (and with the most recognisable name too!) is the half day ‘Gauntlet’ experience. This is of course referring to the gloves that falconers wear to handle the birds when they land on their hand. But did you know there are usually different lengths for different birds? A falcon glove tends to cover the hand and the wrist whilst hawking gloves are usually longer. And whilst it is obviously there to protect you from those beaks and claws it also serves as a perch.

Then there’s the ‘Yarak’ full day falconry experience here in Surrey. A bird ‘at yarak’ means they are in peak condition both physically and mentally making it a formidable hunter. The day gives you the most in-depth look at the work of a falconer on a day to day basis.

Indeed every bird has its own character. Take for example Bamu the cheeky African Spotted Eagle Owl who loves to plane watch (these Surrey farms are under the Gatwick flight path!) so much so that he has been known to fall backwards off his perch!

Theming these falconry days in Surrey means you could be flying British species such as Peregrines Kestrels and Buzzards meeting the Owls or concentrating on native American birds. In all cases you’ll get to fly a variety of birds with up to five different species to meet on your day. Alternatively you can go for a Hawk walk as the focus of your one-hour or half day experience.

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Falconry in Surrey
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