Falconry Leicestershire

Falconry in Leicestershire – get up close to cute little owls and fly beady-eyed eagles! This centre is situated on a farm near to Market Harborough which is south of Leicester city centre and in the farming heartland of a county with a long tradition of hunting and country sports.

Opting for the half day or full day falconry experience at this Leicestershire venue will see you spending time with Andrew as your host. To put it simply Andrew loves being a falconer. It’s hard work and long hours but after you’ve spent weeks or even months training a raptor and you then watch them fly free for the first time with such grace and finesse it is a magical moment and ultimately very rewarding as you will learn for yourself in just a few hours with Andrew.

You will get to meet a variety of birds from eagles (just check out the size of their claws!) to the nimble falcons as well as the falconer’s four footed friends Boris and Walt the gun dogs. You will also be shown the classic falconry techniques to get the raptors flying straight onto your gloved hand. In fact you can expect to be getting so close to these birds that you’ll be able to see their feathers ruffle in the breeze and if you dare look them right in the eye

And those on the full day course get to spend the afternoon out and about with the birds typically flying an Eagle or Eagle Owl in the summer months and out hunting with the Harris Hawks assisted by the ferrets and dogs in the winter.

Andrew also offers an Owl Encounter session where you’ll spend three hours meeting learning about and flying a variety of species of Owl.

Whichever course you pick you’re sure to learn an awful lot about falconry at Leicestershire’s friendliest centre near Market Harborough. See hear and learn all about things such as breeding hatching rearing feeding and developing the unique relationship between handler and bird. Andrew is a superb host and is very skilled with and enthusiastic about each and every feathered friend he trains and flies.

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Falconry Leicestershire
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