Falconry North Wales

Book in for falconry in Wales and fly your own razor-clawed raptor for the duration of the experience. These birds of prey days in North Wales are offered on a private and exclusive basis with just you the Hawks and their handler.

The man who trains and cares for these wonderful birds is Richard. His degree in zoo management has taken him all over the world as an exotic animal trainer and falconer. He’s now settled in this stunning part of Wales establishing a birds of prey and falconry centre near Denbigh building an incredibly close relationship with his select crew of spirited raptors.

With acres and acres of Welsh parkland and woodlands to play with you will really be in your element getting immersed in the sweeping North Wales habitat that these lucky birds of prey enjoy. Watching them fly free is a truly exhilarating and breathtaking way to witness the delights of hawking.

The Harris Hawks are the real stars of the show making this falconry at one of Wales’s most stunning locations an unforgettable occasion. The leader of the pack is Storm who loves to take off at the first sniff of a breeze making the most of the open space to show off his aerial skills and impressive wingspan. Alan is a bit of a free spirit and his brother Edgar is the mischievous camera-shy one.

Hawks are highly sociable birds but remain formidable predators as you’ll see when you begin your stroll around the Welsh countryside with your chosen bird of prey. It’s all a fun game to them as they launch from your hand swoop around finding places to perch and observe you occasionally flying out of sight but regularly landing on your hand to check back in. That strong hunting instinct comes to the fore when Richard shows you how to tempt the hawk with the chase and ‘kill’ of a toy.

And don’t forget our Falconry Wales experience operates on an exclusive basis giving you plenty of time to fly handle exercise and bond with your Harris Hawk. You can choose to go for a stroll with them around the Denbighshire countryside or stay at base. As a little reminder of when the Harris Hawks met you you’ll be presented with a disc of digital images from your day spent with these marvellous birds of prey around Wales’s rugged countryside.

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Falconry North Wales
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