Falconry Oxfordshire

Find out what life as a falconer is like when you join the falconry Oxfordshire team! These experiences are ideal for anyone who is curious to know what it’s like to have a beautiful bird of prey fly over your head to land on your gloved fist – and you will learn lots too.

Taking place in the grounds of a fun and vibrant farm park centre at Frilford near Oxford you’ll get an exclusive insight into the work the team does in training these wonderful birds of prey. All of these Oxfordshire experiences start with a tour around the aviaries and mews so you can see the birds up close as they rest and take plenty of close up photos.

The ‘Discover Falconry’ option here at this Oxfordshire farm lasts around one hour. In that time you will hear all about the noble sport of falconry how the birds are reared and take a selection of the birds out and have a go at flying them all under the watchful eye and tuition of the experienced falconers. We think this a great option for a family day out as it’s the ideal length so the kids will be captivated and enthralled the whole time.


A ‘Falconer For A Day’ experience will give you an far more in-depth insight into the life and work of a falconer charged with training and caring for their beloved raptors. Owners Sharon and James house over 90 birds of prey in these extensive Oxfordshire grounds and both are very passionate about and dedicated to their birds. Throughout the day you will have lots of opportunities to handle and fly them getting to know their characters as well as enjoying lunch with your fellow fledgling falconers.

The ‘Owl Encounter’ is a must for owl fans. You’ll spend an hour on a one to one basis with the falconer and the owls. Handling and flying at least three different species of owl during your experience there are sure to be lots of ‘Ahhhhh’ moments with the cute little owls. And as for the bigger species there’s something really quite engaging about those big dark eyes of these gorgeous creatures.

All in all the taster and the full day of falconry in Oxford as well as the owl experience all offer a welcoming and warm environment in which you can get up close to the birds of prey and unravel the mysteries of falconry. And of course there’s always plenty of time for some photo moments with your new-found feathered friends too.

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