Falconry Shropshire

On our exclusive falconry Shropshire experience it’s just you the falconer and his collection of beautiful birds of prey! One of the most comprehensive and informative falconry days we offer over around six hours on site you will have plenty of time to handle and fly the birds as well as some other countryside-based treats too!

You will be welcomed by Chris the expert handler who has been training caring for and raising birds for many years. He is heavily involved in wildlife conservation work around the world too all of which will be explained to you when you watch the video clips of what he does as an introduction to your day.

18 birds housed here in Shropshire and the next part of your falconry day is to meet them. There are some proper little characters too such as Jerry the Common European Kestrels and Grommet the cheeky Indian Owl.

Then it’s out into the fields with one of the two Indian Eagle Owls Chris owns taking a wander down to the local Shropshire brook where the scenery really has the wow factor. You will then get the change to handle and observe how the owl is masterfully handled by your host falconer.

You’ll then head back to the house to be the VIP guest at your very own falconry display from this highly skilled falconer watching how the falconer works in close natural harmony with his falcon and watching it fly at speeds of up to 50mph! After a good morning’s work you’ll head to a local cafe for a bite to eat.

The afternoon on this falconry experience in Shropshire starts with a nice little extra – a trip to the local cider farm where a little tasting session might be included too! It is at this farm where you will go off out for a breath of fresh air on a Hawk Walk where you’ll assist with the handling and flying of the birds. Being a local expert Chris will also take the time to point out the wild birds in this area of Shropshire which may include wild Peregrine Falcons Buzzards and Kestrels.

These one to one falconry Shropshire sessions are a true delight and thoroughly spell-binding. And if you want to share your exclusive experience with loved ones up to two people can join you on the day as spectators watching how you learn to handle and fly these hauntingly beautiful birds of prey.

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Falconry Shropshire
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