Falconry Staffordshire

Book in for falconry in Staffordshire and enjoy a day out with the birds of prey and owls in a very lovely setting! Taking place at Byrkley Park Garden Centre just a few miles west of Burton upon Trent there are on-site facilities galore and plenty of space for bird flying too.

David the falconer and his feathered friends love life here in Staffordshire and love to show you the inquisitive visitor their world. On the three hour falconry experience there’s plenty of time to have a nice in-depth look at what the noble sport of falconry involves and enjoy lots of handling and flying time too.

You’ll look at husbandry skills and how the birds of prey are housed as well as discovering more about their diet how food is prepared and why weight control is important. Then there’s the long process of how young birds are trained how the falconer introduces and uses specialist falconry equipment such as lures and jesses and even how telemetry plays a part. It’s all truly fascinating stuff here in Staffordshire!

The main player during these birds of prey experiences in Staffordshire is Scout the Harris Hawk. He loves nothing better than to put a bit of a show on for spectators. Then there’s Jess the gorgeous little European Kestrel and Frog the Ferruginous Buzzard.

For those who love their owls the two hour experience concentrates on these wonderful almost mythical creatures. You’ll hear all about their nocturnal and diurnal habits as well as being able to get right up close to these little cuties. You might well meet the likes of Hobbit the Vermiculated (that’s wavy-effect feathers) Eagle Owl with his tufty ears Tilly the gorgeous Barn Owl or Kojo the lovely African Spotted Eagle Owl.

Throughout your two or three hours of falconry in Staffordshire there’s ample opportunity for everyone in the group to handle and fly these magnificent birds of prey. The land surrounding the garden centre is a wonderful mix of woodland fields and fish ponds interlaced with walking paths along hedgerows – the perfect habitat for watching and participating in owls and raptors in flight.

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