Falconry Tunbridge Wells

Better to be the hunter than the hunted as you’ll find out during a fascinating session of falconry in Tunbridge Wells! Get up close to and fly these impressive predators when you head to Honnington Farm where the dedicated falconry team has a very complete collection of birds for you to meet.

Say hello to veteran Bengal Eagle Owl Bob look Dave the Harris Hawk right in the eye admire the gorgeous feathers of Chip the American Kestrel and listen in awe as Soren the Barn Owl screeches. Yes that’s right Barn Owls screech – it’s Tawny Owls who do the hooting! You’ll discover this and plenty of other fascinating facts when you take part in a falconry experience near Tunbridge.

This corner of west Kent is perfect for falconry days. Honnington Farm is a huge estate encompassing 500 acres of your typical Kentish agricultural countryside complete with fishing lake farming forestry and livery services. The birds of prey certainly feel at home in these surroundings. For example the Harris Hawks love nothing more than heading out as a pair to hunt (Hawks are rare in that they hunt together as a family group in the wild) following you diligently as you stroll along the hedgerows and fields of the Honnington estate.

You might get to meet Maggie the Lanner Falcon as part of your falconry experience in Tunbridge Wells. A supreme hunter it’s a sheer delight to watch as she dive-bombs in reaching speeds of up to 200mph. It’s amazing how well-equipped these complex creatures are for hunting their prey down.

Having said all that these are captive-bred raptors so they love meeting people. They’ve all been lovingly and respectfully trained by their falconers and as well as flying many perform other duties such as pest control flying displays in and around west Kent and even falconry wedding services where a feathered friend delivers the wedding rings to the bride and groom!

We are offering several different experiences to try falconry in Tunbridge Wells. You can spend two hours at Honnington walking with the Hawks or encountering the Owls. Then there are half and full day experiences where you get to fly a variety of birds of prey to your hand.

Find out more and book your place today!

Falconry Tunbridge Wells
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