Falconry West Sussex

Our West Sussex falconry experiences provide a unique insight into the handling and training of birds of prey and make a fantastic day out in the countryside for anyone with an interest in these marvellous creatures.

During your falconry experience at this West Sussex centre near Chichester you’ll be able to meet some of the UK and Europe’s finest winged wonders and learn about the history of falconry and hawking. What’s more if the weather holds you will be taking the brave step of allowing some of the birds to perch on your gloved hand on training flights.

With a choice of an owl handling session a half day or a full day working with these fabulous fliers this is a trio of wonderful activity days for wild bird lovers of all ages and abilities. Your time on the West Sussex falconry site starts with refreshments as well as an introduction to the birds you’ll meet and some background information on the sport and the skills involved with working with such dedicated hunters as well as their natural hunting habits and wildlife habitat.

If you’re a fan of owls you’ll love the owl handling experiences. Being two hours long it’s ideal for dipping your beak into the world of falconry and you will get to meet photograph handle and fly some wonderfully beady-eyed birds such as the Barn and European Owls.

For half-day falconry sessions you’ll meet and admire a range of owls hawks and falcons – with the total experience lasting approximately three hours. For full-day bookings you’ll break for a homemade lunch at midday before progressing in the afternoon to creating some training equipment such as anklets and jesses and also receiving expert tuition on the best ways to train various birds of prey.

Weather permitting the full five-hour day experience then concludes with free flying in the field where you can fully appreciate the majesty and splendour of these magical birds. Our West Sussex falconry days are bound to catch the eye of avid avian enthusiasts as well as anyone wanting to learn more about the different falcons and owls that grace our skies. Why not ruffle a few feathers and treat yourself or someone else to an unforgettable bird-handling bonanza?

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Falconry West Sussex
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