Family Quad Experience Oxfordshire

If you’re looking for a four-wheeled family outing with a difference give quad biking in Oxfordshire a spin! Specially put together to create a family activity session that’ll surely get the kids and the oldies whooping with delight you will be tackling the some seriously tricky terrain on your very own quad.

This all-action driving activity centre is in the heart of Oxfordshire. Quad biking here isn’t just for adults as there is a fleet of mini 50cc Suzuki quads just for the little ones whilst the parentals will be straddling some rather fine Yamaha and Polaris quads ranging from 125cc right up to a whopping 200cc.

The great thing about this quad biking experience is that you’ll all be going out together to explore the Oxfordshire terrain for a whole hour. Not only that it will just be your gang on the quads so it’s an exclusive-to-you event too (which means you can make all the noise you like!) and you’ll have the complete attention of your quad guide.

The session will start in the paddock area. You will all be kitted out in a full face helmet as of course safety is paramount here at this Oxfordshire venue. The quad bikes are well-maintained and fully automatic so there’s no need to be thinking about clutches or gear changes. Perhaps just as well as you’ll be coming face to face with some serious obstacles so you can concentrate on negotiating your way.

After a few rounds on the practice circuit you will be led off into the wilds of Oxfordshire by your intrepid quad biking guide. Before you know it you’ll be whizzing over jumps banking around corners and picking your way through the woodland trails too.

It goes without saying that the kids are bound to be way better at piloting their machines than you and they’ll be totally fearless but one thing’s for sure it’s great fun for all. This quad biking Oxfordshire voucher is pretty flexible too as it can be used for groups of three adults and two children or two adults and three children where a child is classed as those between the ages of six and 16. Get ready to rumble in the Bicester jungle on a quad bike!

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