Farming Experience Somerset

Book a farming experience in Somerset and meet all the super cute animals! This family-run smallholding in Misterton is in the heart of the Somerset countryside. It’s a pretty idyllic spot and you’re invited to join in and help out for a few hours.

There’s always something going on at the farm. Rosie and sister Vera the Shetland Sheep love meeting humans especially if there’s a chance they might wangle a Rich Tea biccie out of you. Lotto and Orca the miniature Shetland Ponies look like butter wouldn’t melt but they can be a mischievous pair.

Then there’s Betty and Wilbur the Kune Kune pigs. Native to New Zealand these little domestic piggies are proper hairy. They’re like no other pig you’ll have ever seen. These two love nothing better than to be out in the paddock eating dock leaves and nettles – they’re great gardeners.

You’ll most likely be followed around for the most part of your farming experience by the Pygmy Goats. Gruff is the cheekiest of the lot and is so curious he wants to know what’s going on all the time so don’t be surprised if you sit down and he appears and jumps up on your lap!

Running a menagerie of petting farm animals can be quite a handful as you’ll find out. There are lots of daily tasks and you’ll be able to join in with them. From putting new bedding down for Beryl Baby and Belle the Guinea Pigs and collecting eggs from Sugar Salt and Pepper the laying chickens to grooming Lotto’s luscious mane and feeding those cheeky goats.

All that running around (sometimes literally after the chickens!) is thirsty work so your farming experience includes a light lunch or a cream tea. As well as learning how to look after the farm animals there’s also plenty of quality time for a cuddle and a stroke.

Kids and adults alike love these farming experiences in Somerset. You’ll feel like part of the family and you’ll get to meet (and probably fall in love with) all the residents of the farm. A great gift for grown ups to enjoy with little ones as young as 8 years old.

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