Fencing Lesson Sunderland

Find your inner Jedi warrior when you go fencing in Sunderland! These lessons take place in a purpose-built adventure sports centre in Roker where specialist fencing instructors will be on hand to show you the basics of this most chivalrous of sports.

Fencing is an excellent work out for both mind and body. An intense fencing match can burn up to 400 calories and gives you core strength muscle training and a masterclass in balance coordination and even tactical thinking. It’s all about having the moves to outwit your opponent and managing your concentration and focus.

These taster lessons are designed to give you an insight in the the world of fencing. To master it takes a lifetime and there are lots of rules and regulations to learn in competitive fencing but these sessions offer you the chance to ‘have a go’ and get a feel for what facing your opponent feels like.

There are three different types of fencing weapon namely the foil the sabre and the epee. All come in both adult and smaller sizes for mini fencers (this Sunderland school accepts those from aged six upwards) and in left or right-handed versions too. The protective gear you need to fence is also included as part of your lesson – so you just need to bring yourself and your wits!

One essential thing that all fencers learn early on is the tradition of handshakes and saluting your opponent before a bout. These all hark back to the aristocratic origins of the sport whilst reflecting the discipline fencing commands. Having saluted it’s time to be on guard step lunge and take part in a few parries with your partner.

Great fun for all ages we are offering fencing lessons in Sunderland for two to four people. Under the watchful eye of the fencing instructors you’ll get a superb introduction to the sport during your two hour lesson. Breeches and jackets on it’s time to fence!

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