Ferrari 430 Experience

Anyone fancy driving a Ferrari F430? Yes we thought you would. In fact who wouldn’t like to get their hands on one of these gorgeous Italian supercars? Each and every model is iconic and just oozes glitz and glamour and this is your chance to drive one of these head-turning F430s around a track.

We must highlight that this operator’s fleet includes a F430 Spider. No that doesn’t mean it’s got lots of legs that’s the Ferrari name for a convertible version making this already lovely motor just that little bit more cool.

So if it just happens to be a non-rainy day on the day of your test drive you’ll be itching to press the button to automatically get the roof folded down into its little compartment above the engine bay. Not only do you get to seriously pose with your sunglasses on and the wind in your hair you also get a frontline spot for listening to that jaw-dropping burbling from the mid-mounted 4.3l V8 engine. Superb.

In fact it’s the engine that made this the replacement to the 360 stand out. It was a whole new power plant for Ferrari and with the six speed paddle shift style transmission fancy brakes and sleeker styling it was an instant hit when launched at the Paris Motor Show in 2004.

Little wonder then that car fans can’t wait to get their hands on the F430. What we like about this experience is that it’s straight down to business with no lengthy classroom briefing it’s all about getting you in the car and comfy whilst the instructor gives you the lowdown on what’s about to happen and then just going for it!

As you power off along the track make the most of your six miles driving this beast of a Ferrari. When you get the signal to turn back into the pit lane it’s time to slow down the pace. As you come to stop just take a moment to listen to that lovely idling engine noise before it’s ignition off.

That’s not the end of your Ferrari F430 experience though as you get to have another little look around the track albeit from the passenger seat this time as a highly experienced pro driver take you for a spin in a fully prepared saloon car.

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Ferrari 430 Experience
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