Ferrari California Circuit Drive

What a fab Ferrari driving day this promises to be! There’s something about each and every Ferrari ever produced that just captures the hearts of motoring fans around the world. And these circuit experiences certainly celebrate that with a very special Ferrari lined up for you to drive.

Let us introduce you the California. This motor is definitely the lesser-spotted Ferrari in the driving day stable. They build just 27 of these a day in a special production facility in Maranello (home to all Ferraris) and what makes it so different is that it is a two-door four seater hard top cabriolet that represents a new chapter for Ferrari.

In fact the California accumulates ‘firsts’ for Ferrari. It’s the first to have a front-mounted V8 engine. It’s the first to have the dual-clutch transmission. It’s the first to have a direct injection engine. And whilst it’s not the first hard top cabriolet Ferrari has ever produced it is the first time it’s been a fully-retractable metal one that folds into the boot of the car. Driving this Ferrari on your day at the track is sure to be the most unusual of the drives on offer. 

But how does this Ferrari California measure up with all its new gadgets and systems? Can a Ferrari really be a GT and a sports car at the same time? Well that’s for you to decide when you get to drive this Ferrari California. It’s stable and comfortable like a true Grand Tourer but dig a little deeper and you may well find the Ferrari bite that the Italian supercar maker is renowned for. It has style it has poise and it looks very glam too.

Oh and we forgot to mention that if the sun is out you will be able to delight in the day you drove a convertible Ferrari for that full-on cacophony of engine and exhaust sound thanks to the roof being down. With the sun out and the top down it’ll be California dreaming all the way as you speed off along the track for your drive.

You can book a Ferrari driving day at any one of several track locations dotted around the UK. Choose between the three-mile blast package or give your loved one an extra spin with the extended six-mile thrill version for longer behind the wheel of this lovely California.

Find out more and book your place today!

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Ferrari California Circuit Drive
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