Ferrari Test Drive

Let’s get straight to the point – this experience gives you the chance to take a Ferrari on a test drive. Now there are many different Ferraris out there but the one you’ll be driving is an F430. This is the car that re-launched Ferrari after the 360 and marks a whole new design period for the iconic Italian marque.

Indeed the 430 has a completely new power plant; a 4308cc that gives it’s numbers to the name. This is because Ferrari realised they needed more power so this Maserati-derived engine was the answer resulting in a very pleasing 483bhp at a wincingly high 8500rpm – hence the impressive noise from the exhaust!

With the power sorted Ferrari’s American designer Frank Stephenson concentrated on the style of the 430 looking in particular at the detailing. And that’s what makes this car a true delight. Try and make time before or after your test drive to take in a couple of these little touches such as appreciating the nod to the Le Mans-winning Ferraris of the 1960s with the front bumper air intakes the retro Enzo-style rear lights and even the little twist of the car’s name being engraved in the door mirrors.

We think this car oozes discretion and class and controversially we think it looks even better when it’s not in Ferrari red (although we hear dealers always make sure the 430s leave the showroom with a red Ferrari key fob!). You’ll love the lower sleeker lines of this car and the overall more curvaceous and appealing form.

So what’s it like to drive? We won’t spoil the fun for you as you’ll be testing out this impressive Ferrari for yourself. Needless to say we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. And if you bring any friends and family along to the venues to watch there’ll be no chance there’ll miss this car out on the test track with that incredible engine noise all helped by that rather neat little flap on the exhaust that opens at high revs resulting in a proper sound-fest petrol heads will love! Enjoy your Ferrari test drive…

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Ferrari Test Drive
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