Ferrari Thrill Choice

Get ready to feel the awesome acceleration in an unmistakable Italian-style when you drive a Ferrari! On these ‘Choice Experiences’ it’s all about this achingly cool supercar you in the driving seat and a circuit where there are no speed limits traffic lights or anything else to get in the way of your bonding session with the Ferrari.

Head straight out to the Ferrari of their choice for some ‘on the job’ training as you drive three or six miles in the Italian stallion with the pro driver making the calls on when to brake and change gear so you can follow that racing line with skill.

So fix up your helmet intercom jump into the driving seat clunk click and before you know it you will enjoy your laps of the circuit as you drive either a Ferrari 360 or 430. Of course all vehicles are beefy V8s and you can’t help but smile at the wonderful low rumble the engine makes.

Under the guidance of your instructor you will soon be making smooth and rapid progress around the track. All offer long fast straights and challenging corners to allow you to enjoy the performance and handling of the Ferrari – and not a radar or a speed trap in sight which is nice as it means you can ‘give it some welly’ (that’s a motoring technical term we can all understand) as you drive your Ferrari around.

After whizzing around the track your drive a Ferrari session rolls to an idling stop as you steer the sleek supercar back into the pits. As you open that heavy low-slung door step out of the car pull off your helmet and glance back at the car you will find it hard to believe you were actually driving that wonderful Ferrari. But don’t worry memories will be instantly brought back to life when you are presented with an individual driving assessment and personalised certificate that you can proudly display on the mantelpiece at home.

If you’re looking for more time behind the Ferrari wheel then we have a wide choice of Ferrari experiences in our main driving section.

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