Ferrari Thrill

Ferrari driving in Wales Wigan York or Staffordshire? Yes please! This experience is all about knife-sharp steering and pure power as you hit the circuit at either Anglesey Three Sisters Tockwith or Seighford in a swanky Ferrari California that just loves being driven fast.

It’s all very emotive stuff with the prancing horse; the roar of that aggressive engine and the 186 mph top speed. If this Ferrari could talk it would most definitely be smooth talking. But let’s be brutally honest about this beast it’s a bit cramped inside noisy and there’s no way you’ll get more than a couple of shopping bags in but who cares when you will be driving around a high speed track in Staffordshire or Wales in this gorgeous piece of automotive engineering.

Your choice for your California drive is between Three Sisters Circuit near Wigan Seighford which is a fully renovated airfield circuit near Stafford or the impressive professional track at Aberffraw complete with sea views from some of the corners (not that you’ll have much time to look as you screech round in your Ferrari). You will be behind the wheel of the lovely Ferrari with plenty of time to really get used to the handling of the car and the twists and turns you’ll be negotiating all with the instructor guiding you from the passenger seat.

These Ferrari driving sessions don’t end there if you plump for the extended option with a hot lap.  After you’ve dusted off your driving laps in the California you will be taken on a high speed white knuckle passenger ride around the track in high performance saloon car for that ‘this is how it’s really done’ moment. Finally to round off your Ferrari day it’s time for the debrief the presentation of personalised certificates and those driving assessments.

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Ferrari Thrill
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