Foraging and Cookery Course

It’s going to be lunch in the wild on these foraging experiences in Shropshire and Guildford! Spend the day preparing your meal outdoors – and eating it. Make no mistake this isn’t a BBQ with goodies from your local supermarket this is all about catching finding prepping and cooking the food yourselves for a tasty meal with a difference.

Leave the hob ditch the microwave and turn off the oven. This is al fresco dining foraging style. If you know where to look and what to look for Mother Nature provides you with everything you need to survive and eat. Right down to fashioning your own spoons out of wood this is taking food preparation back to basics.

You’ll be shown how to make and where to place a trap. You’ll discover which plants are edible and which are not. You’ll learn how to gather and purify water for drinking and cooking. You’ll help prepare the fire for cooking on. And you’ll be whittling those all important spoons yourselves too.

An integral part of these fascinating foraging experiences is the trap. The team has the full permission of the land owner to cull wild animals (and gather wild plants for that matter too). It might be pigeon rabbit or fish and that involves preparing what you’ve caught for cooking and you are welcome to participate or observe. If you’d rather not take part at all in this part of the course that’s fine too and shouldn’t put you off booking onto the experience – there’s plenty more foraging to do!

As you can imagine a bit of remoteness off the usual beaten paths of Shropshire or away from Guildford town centre is required for this course. But fear not it’ll just be a short walk from civilisation (or at least where you parked the car) to the basecamp. So there’s no trekking for hours on end in the middle of nowhere it’s all about getting stuck in and finding what rich flore and fauna is right at your feet. You might even get to cook up some insects!

Using a mix of team-based challenges demonstrations and tasks this full day out is bound to be fruitful in every sense of the word. You’ll learn lots discover new things and try out new skills. Who’d have thought you’d be eating a proper bush tucker meal thanks to everything you were taught on these foraging experiences available in Shropshire or Guildford.

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