Formula 1 Driving Experience

Combine a Formula 1 driving experience that’s nearly as good as the real thing with a dose of full size fun in miniature on the Scalextric tracks and you’ve got the best indoor raceway session you could ask for. This one is destined to bring out the big kid in you that’s for sure!

This unique set up near Oldham may look incongruous from the outside but inside it’s a veritable den of delights for motoring fans with the star of the show being the full size sim. This thing looks very much like a real F1 car with huge Pirelli slick tyres a sleek silver body and even the on-board camera set just behind the driver’s head.

Race suit zipped up and full face helmet on slide yourself into the cockpit and you’ll be totally immersed in the world of Formula One driving. The steering wheel is that distinctive shape with gear change lights and it boasts full force feedback so you will feeling just what the FIA drivers feel through their hands when they are accelerating around that high-speed circuit.

Talking of circuits the great thing about simulating the whole experience is that you can drive any circuit you like! No bumpy old airfield track here you can take your pick from all the pro tracks in the F1 series. Fancy flooring it through the dark tunnel and out into the bright Med sunshine at the port in Monaco? Want to try Monza’s signature Parabolica corner – that a long right hander that sets you up for the super fast home straight? Or maybe you’re more of a Brit racer who would love to take on the multi-turn complex that is Becketts at the legendary Silverstone?

The experience is driven just like a normal Grand Prix with you sitting in the simulator for some initial practice laps followed by a qualifying session to determine grid positions then the actual race itself. With all the noises swirling around and the impressive three-screen graphics in front of you this is one simulation that’s going to get you stimulated to drive to your absolute limit.

We can highly recommend that you opt for the bolt-on Scalextric option on these Formula 1 driving experiences. A session on the slot cars will take you right back to the good old days when you’d spend hours and hours being mesmerised by little cars going round the track. It’s incredibly addictive and just as good as you remember it to be. In fact it’s even better as these giant tracks boast four to six lanes and each one is themed. We loved the snowy 119ft pro circuit and the Rocky track complete with trains trundling around too. But then the City circuit weaving in and out of the skyscrapers is pretty cool too!

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