Formula F1000 Driving

This is Formula 1000! F1000 is one of the most popular single seater motorsport categories in the UK. This is your chance to drive one of these amazing open-wheelers on a circuit. It’s going to be fast. Very fast. Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to be a bonafide Formula 1000 racing driver…

If you’re wondering what the 1000 bit of the name Formula 1000 means it alludes to the capacity of the engines in these single seaters. And these are 1000cc motorbike engines we’re talking about here. Yep a powerful motorbike engine in a car. Crazy but true!

So. Shape a super lightweight monocoque chassis stick a four cylinder motorbike engine it and watch it go! This combination of a motorcycle engine in a car (that’s really light) gives you massively impressive performance figures: top speed 150mph 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds and a rev counter that bounces nicely up to 14 000rpm. And seeing as it does 0-100mph in just 4.75 seconds it’s also reassuring to find out that the F1000 brakes at 125mph to stand still in 4.50 seconds.

How do you drive a genuine Formula 1000 single seater? Well for a start you’ll be on your own out there when you drive this motorbike-engined car so the sessions commence with an in-car race briefing. You’ll be a passenger in a high-performance car for two sighting laps to do a recce of the circuit followed by one lap at speed.

Now you’ve seen where you’ll be driving it’s time for you to get out there and do it! As you leave the pit lane in your F1000 the adrenaline will be pumping. It’s just you a very lightweight open-wheeled chassis and one powerful motorbike engine. It’s going to be noisy scarily low to the ground and ridiculously rapid.

We reckon you’re going to enjoy your extravaganza in the Formula F1000. It’s a cracking category of car that competes in a superb Championship which attracts future top-level motorsport winners for sure. You’ll need to be fleet-footed and confident to get the most out of this single seater when you take it for spin at Bovingdon!

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