Full Throttle Rally Driving Silverstone

A full day of full throttle rally at Silverstone! Choose which car or cars you’d like to drive buy the appropriate voucher book yourself in and get ready for a fabulous fun day learning proper rally skills in a proper rally car. It’s as simple as that!

This rally school just opposite the famous race track of the same name has been operating for over three decades making in one of the oldest if not the oldest rally training school in the country. Needless to say they have etched a reputation for excellent teaching a friendly atmosphere and one of the best training centres in the game.

On this full throttle rally you’ll experience every corner of this Silverstone rally stage. You’ve got a raft of morning and afternoon sessions to work through so without further ado let’s get on with what you’ll be doing.

First up is a 20-minute driver briefing session. Then in your groups you start to rotate around the rallying activities. You take it in turns to perfect the art of power sliding and handbrake turns two of the basic rallying techniques that require a fine balance of throttle and steering. Go too full on and you’ll spin out on this slippery Silverstone loose gravel. Not enough throttle and you’ll just limp round!

The second batch of driving sessions carries on in full throttle mode as you’ll be taught a whole load more rallying techniques. From hard braking and Scandinavian Flicks (yes!) to yet another type of power slide by the end of the session you’ll be up for combining all your new-found skills out on the main rally circuit. Your last lap is treated like a proper rally with your instructor giving the pace notes as you drive.

And there’s one extra treat on these full throttle rally days at Silverstone. You get to go out as a passenger with the instructor driving. This is the moment you realise that although you were doing pretty good out there these guys are at a whole new level of rallying. Hang on tight!

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