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Gun Rush Experience Day | The Real Britain Company

Gun Rush Experience Day

Learn how to be an all action film-style hero on the Gun Rush Experience! This is firearms training with a difference. Hosted by the UK’s leading screen action training academy you’ll find out if you’ve got what it takes to be a Lara ‘Tomb Raider’ Croft or a John ‘Die Hard’ McClane hero.

The Gun Rush experience is as intense as it sounds. Throughout the day you’ll be handling blank gas and even live firing weapons. As well as learning all the classic marksmanship skills there’s a definite performance element in the day’s programme too. After all this is where some of the world’s finest action performers come to train.

And the standard of training is truly second to none. These guys and girls are all highly experienced in the field of firearms and with backgrounds in the forces and as stunt performers many film and TV production companies have called upon their skills to bring all the best movie action scenes to life. Think Skyfall The Dark Knight Captain America and Saving Private Ryan – just a few of the films your tutors have worked on.

The venue for the Gun Rush in Woking is pretty impressive too. It’s a National Shooting Centre that has hosted Commonwealth Games events with 10 and 50m shooting ranges. This is where some of your firearms training takes place but there’s also lots of role play style action too where you get to take part in patrol cover to cover and engaging enemy personnel scenarios – just like you see all the time in the films.

One of the most popular modules of the day is the bullet hits workshop. This is where you learn to react as you take a ‘hit’ how to fall and how to ‘die’. It’s an essential part of any action film actor’s repertoire and it’s uttering enthralling and brilliant to learn about too.

To be accepted on this unique Gun Rush Experience you will need to have a DBS certificate. All firearms training is carried out by certified coaches and the sessions are designed to teach all skills safely and within the legal parameters of the current UK firearms act. Like we said it’s pretty full-on stuff but totally blockbusting!

Find out more and book your place today!