Hand Forged Ring Making for Two

Show your love when you take part in a workshop to make your very own hand forged rings! We think this is about as romantic as it gets. The two of you will spend the day fashioning and forging a ring for each other with the help and assistance of a highly skilled blacksmith.

Whether it’s an engagement a wedding an anniversary birthdays or any other occasion that’s super special to you these workshops celebrate and honour that remarkable bond that exists between you. The gift of rings made by your own fair hands is sure to be one that will be cherished and last forever.

We love the fact that at this family-run forge the motto is simply that ‘nobody leaves without producing a beautiful piece’. At the start of your workshop the pair of you will sit down with your blacksmith host and discuss what sort of design you want to go for. Once this has been agreed you’ll set to work forging the metal to create your rings.

It’s a properly hands-on experience for the both of you and it’s very much all about the traditional techniques of forging. The methods and tools you’ll be using have been around for many centuries which we think somehow makes creating your own rings in this time-served way even more unique and significant. After all what can possibly be more powerful and more touching than wearing rings you made for each other?

In total you will spend around four hours making your hand forged rings with a break for lunch where most guests opt for a blacksmiths picnic lunch (payable locally). Nestled in the Herefordshire countryside not far from the England-Wales border we think the two of you will love spending the day at this very creative and industrious farm estate working that metal to make a thing of beauty for you to give to each other. You can even opt to get your rings electro-plated for a superb silver gold or chrome finish.

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