HGV Driving in Devon

Your chance to drive a proper HGV in an Eddie Stobart style with just a normal driving licence at the off-road training centre near Exeter in Devon. Make no mistake these are powerful giants: 44 tonnes 55 ft long three-axle trailer with 460 bhp and a 12 speed automatic gearbox! 

Your experience starts with you meeting the truck you’ll be driving and your expert instructor.  After being shown round the artic lorry you’ll then climb aboard for a commentated passenger ride in the cab with your instructor explaining the ins and outs of driving these kings of the road. After a safety briefing and explanation of the controls it’s your turn to climb in to the hot-seat for some lorry driving fun.

The massive airfield site boasts huge expanses of tarmac and all without the hindrance of other road users and pedestrians which is perhaps just as well as the words ‘spatial awareness’ take on a whole new meaning when trying to do a nifty three point turn in an HGV!

You’ll be driving for approximately an hour and a half with the instructor by your side to make sure you get the most out of your HGV truck driving experience day. After gaining confidence driving your lorry on the long straights you will move on to negotiate tight corners a coned slalom course reversing and lane changing. You may even have the chance to learn how to uncouple the 45ft trailer.

All that driving uses loads of diesel; with a lorry doing an average of just six miles per gallon but don’t worry you won’t be expected to fill up – fuel is all included in the price!

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