HGV Truck Driving Thrill

Gear up for an HGV truck driving thrill when you go Scania truck driving! This experience gives you the unique chance to drive a powerful Scania tractor unit hooked up to an open-sided car transporter. This is proper trucking!

When you organise and operate car driving days you need to get all your fancy cars to the track. This is exactly what this Scania truck is used for. Fully loaded this beast of an HGV transports 12 supercars at once. Thankfully there’ll be no precious cargo onboard for any unexpected thrills. It’s just you the instructor and a whole load of torque!

You can’t beat Scania lorries. World-renowned for their impressive build quality environmental credentials and sheer driver comfort these Swedish trucks really are the Scandic kings of the road. They pack a punch too and this HGV boasts a six-cylinder 13l engine. Producing 420bhp and a whopping 2200NM of torque this car transporter can pull its payload of priceless motors no problem.

Climb the two steps into the cab and it’s a different world compared to your usual family saloon. It all feels really wide and spacious in there. Get settled into the super-comfy seat (every trucker needs good lumbar support!) and take in your new surroundings. The dash is a big curved console with everything you need at your fingertips.

A glance outside and you’ll note that the Scania has great visibility (handy for when you’re manoeuvring around the slalom course that you’ll be attempting) and large door mirrors too (all the better for seeing where you’re reversing which you’ll also be doing!). Start up the engine and you’ll find it’s surprisingly quiet too.

As you trundle off in your HGV to the dedicated truck driving course be prepared for some testing challenges. Luckily the Scania handles corners with ease and almost no sway. And there’s no doubting in this Scania car transporter you’ve got the right truck to get the job done! Have fun with this HGV truck driving thrill offered at track locations around the country.

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