Hot Stone Massage in Derbyshire

Here’s a massage in Derbyshire with a difference as it’s a hot stone massage with warm stones placed on specific points of your body letting the warmth penetrate deep into the tissue to sooth and relieve you of all those aches and strains.

Indeed hot stones are a great alternative to a traditional massage and is fantastic for releasing tight muscles and leaving your body feeling more balanced. If you are carrying any stress in your back or shoulders or just need a relaxing session then this full body or back massage in Derbyshire with hot stones could be just the ticket to feeling just that little bit better about yourself afterwards

Usually made from basalt each stone is expertly heated in a water heater to the optimum temperature and depending on your hopes and aims for the session are placed at particular points over your body. The stones are usually different sizes and weights in accordance with which areas they are placed on. Before your session you will have a short consultation with a beauty therapist and this will help tell her which zones of your body need most attention as well as which techniques and rocks she must use.

The treatments take place at an elegant and peaceful spa and massage venue in the Derbyshire Dales. Priding itself on being small unique and friendly it is located on 16 acres of beautiful countryside near Carsington Waters and offers a range of indulgent treatments including these massages with hot stones and is modern and well kept.

What makes this spa centre rather unique round these parts are the fantastic views over the surrounding Derbyshire countryside from the large-windowed treatment rooms. The result is a peaceful haven where you can escape the stresses of everyday life for a while and think of you.  During your stay you are welcome to walk in the grounds or stretch your legs a little further and enjoy the stunning reservoir located nearby as the surrounding area certainly makes for a tranquil stroll before or after your reviving hot stone massage that’ll leave you positively glowing – and we like that!

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