The first rule of the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club is more cocoa less sugar! As the chocolate experts know good chocolate is all about the cocoa content. Not only does Hotel Chocolat ensure only the best ingredients are used they make sure their sumptuous chocolates are delivered to your door in exquisite letterbox-friendly boxes every month. What more could a chocolate-fiend ask for?

For three and six-month subscribers you’ll be treated to a monthly melange of the very best Hotel Chocolat chocolates. Your deliveries will include picks from the ‘Everything Selection’ that’s to say the favourite chocolates voted for by the discerning Hotel Chocolat guests. There are also selected chocolates from the Milk to Caramel range all the way through to the deepest velvety dark chocolates too.

Those with a 12-month Hotel Chocolate adventure will enjoy all these handpicked chocolatey delights as well as themed packages around the classics like Valentines Day Christmas and those other special days in the year that taste better when celebrated with chocolate!

Each package delivered to you every month contains a delicious selection of chocolates and all with names to tempt you like Valencia Orange Thrill Trillionaire’s Shortbread Caramel Carnival and Florentine Isabelle made with the very best picks of Colombian and Ecuadorian cocoa beans to name but two.

Gaining membership to this exclusive Hotel Chocolat adventure couldn’t be easier. Simply buy your voucher for a three six or 12-month subscription online through us. Once you’ve activated your voucher sit back relax and get ready to receive your delicious chocolates by post.

Whether you’re one to share your chocs around or you’ll be taking a little moment by yourself to indulge in your cocoa cravings these chocolate gifts from Hotel Chocolat are just brilliant. Be part of the Hotel Chocolat Adventure family to enjoy the very best quality chocolate made with cocoa beans from the company’s own cocoa plantations – and all beautifully presented too.

Find out more and book your place today!