Hovercraft Adventures Leicestershire

It’s all about the hovercraft in Leicester with our one to one and shared sessions spent learning how to fly these mad machines! Once you’ve got the the hang of the basics you will be jettisoning around the purpose built course near Market Harborough whooping with delight!

Cruising above the mud is great fun in a hovercraft. We definitely recommend bringing a pair of waterproofs to protect you from what the experts call ‘splash back’ caused by the air-cushion vehicle floating just a few inches above the ground and making mud dirt and water fly everywhere.

To pilot these unusual craft you’ll be perched in a kneeling position so that you can use your weight to shift and control where you’re going. As well as needing a good sense of balance there’s judgement and a good dose of forward thinking required. That’s because there’s just a throttle and rudder but no brakes so expect adventures abound when it comes to trying to slow down or stop.

Of course you won’t be just let loose on these hovers at this Leicester centre to cause a load of mischief you will actually have a good deal of instruction and guidance too keep you on the right track.

By the time you get round to trying out modules like the slalom course you’ll have got a basic understanding of the controls of air-cushioned travel (we won’t say mastered!) and you will be racing the hovercraft around this Leicestershire course at good speed. The idea is to avoid hitting the posts to score as many points as possible hopefully making it across the water obstacle too.

Taster sessions give you a blast around the course with around 8-10 minutes of drive time. The Challenge experience is all about about testing your hovercrafting skills against the clock and your fellow hovercraft pilots too. And for a full-on experience the one-to-one lessons give you a full hour at the helm. Book your time in a hovercraft in Leicester and get ready to fly on that cushion of air!

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