Hovercraft Bedfordshire

Watch out there’ll be some serious flying fun on water with our hovercrafting in Bedfordshire! Situated on the Wyboston Lakes its enjoyment factor 10 as you cruise over the lake on these one to one sessions. Being at the helm of a racing hovercraft as you skim the water is guaranteed to give the wow factor and miles of smiles!

What’s more there’s no hanging around waiting your turn at this Bedfordshire centre as the hovercrafting time is allotted just for you. First you will learn the basics including accelerating and stopping the craft (useful to know considering there are no brakes). Then there’s how to pilot the vehicle with the handlebars and shifting your body weight to help manoeuvre.

Once that’s all been covered by this Bedfordshire team it’s time to fire up the fan and go hovercrafting in style starting off by pulling some 360’s on land to get used to the controls before you take full advantage of the craft’s amphibious quality and hit the water.

What makes this hovercraft venue near St Neots in Bedfordshire unique is the water. Far from being simply a watersplash obstacle this is a full-sized lake. That means you’ll have serious room to glide and manoeuvre for that floating sensation as you literally skim the water. It’s possible to accelerate to high speeds drifting sideway at up to 40mph and there’s even room to bust out 180 360 and 720 degree turns. As you hit the waves you’ll become airborne and the noise of the fan is so loud you need a headset to hear the instructions from your coach sitting behind you.

Hovercrafting at Bedfordshire’s lakeside setting is without doubt the best for those wanting to experience the sensation of waterborne lift off. What’s more the hovercrafts this Bedfordshire team uses are the British designed and built FlyingFish regarded as the most reliable durable and safe personal hovercrafts on the market. Time to let rip on the tranquil waters of this lake and make some air-powered waves. Please visit our main hovercrafting section to see the full range of hovercraft experiences we have on offer now!

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