Hovercraft Lincolnshire

Get ready to step up to the challenge of hovercrafting in Lincolnshire! We often talk about hovercraft ‘flying’ and ‘piloting’ these agile machines when of course you don’t actually go really high in the air but you will be skimming just inches above the ground at speed for some seriously high thrills.

We won’t bore you with the science of how hovercrafts work after all this Lincolnshire experience is all about being at the helm of your craft and wanging it around corners as fast as you can rather than actually understanding the clever engineering stuff that makes them ‘float’ using that massive fan behind your head…

You will be driving either a Snapper or the latest Marlin II model. These hovercrafts are recreational versions of the racing hover that is also used by the Marines so we can assure you they are rugged and pretty fast too. However when it comes to the handling what can we say. These things are tricky little whatnots. They don’t turn they kind of side-shift. They don’t go where you want them to go they just sort of do their own thing like a petulant child. Combine this with a challenging course at this Lincolnshire base and you’ve got a seriously tricky hovercraft experience on your hands.

Before you can even think about tackling the main course you will be introduced to the hovercrafts and shown the controls. This bit’s not rocket science as there’s just a handlebar and a throttle (note: no brake!) but then try and master the momentum and it’s not as easy as it looks.

We are offering both weekday and ‘anytime’ vouchers for five 10 or 15 laps of hovercrafting. Lincolnshire’s Blyton Park is the venue for your thrilling session and if you don’t know it it’s a great place to have a go at hovercrafting as there is plenty of space to make lots of noise a fabulously challenging grass circuit for you to whizz around and expert tuition from hovercraft pilots who make it look all too easy!

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