Hovercraft Racing in Cheshire

Your hovercraft experience in Cheshire is all about no brakes bags of thrust and an inflatable skirt! Hovercrafts offering passenger services might be a distant memory but the racing spirit lives on with these fantastic sports models. Here’s your chance to get your hands on one and see what it feels like to hover just centimetres off the ground at speed.

We are offering a trio of hovercrafting sessions for you. The Taster is perfect for a first go as you’ll be learning on the training circuit away from the water. The Racing experience will see you hitting the main track (where the water splashes are) for a duel or a time trial. And the Ultimate hovercraft session here in Cheshire gives you double or everything!

The sensation when driving a hovercraft has been likened to the thrills of low level flying. And believe us there’s nothing like that feeling of flying as you turn onto the water and start skimming. Oh and that bit about having no brakes? Well we’ll let the team of highly experienced instructors here in Cheshire tell you just how to slow down and stop!

With not one but two purpose-built hover cross tracks and a fleet of 10 hovers at your disposition Frodsham’s marshlands provide an excellent setting for testing that low-level flying theory. And being marshy the ground has a tendency to get waterlogged and very soggy as well making extra thrilling hovercraft racing.

This specialist hover centre uses the well-known Flying Fish hovercrafts that offer fun and thrills on a highly manoeuvrable sit down craft and there is also a BBV hovercraft waiting in the wings. Now these machines might not be as familiar but they certainly pack a serious punch as they are powerful ultra rugged and reliable – we’ll have to see who has the tenacity to handle these slippery sliders!

With three different hovercraft experiences in Cheshire we think there’s a session for abilities and ages. And remember if you want the thrills of the water splashes go for the Racing or Ultimate experiences otherwise the Taster is the one for a less soggy hovercraft initiation session!

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