Hovercrafting in Essex

Some might say our Hovercraft Experience Essex is a handful we say it’s all about crazy sideways sliding on a veritable cushion of air that’ll have you grabbling with the steering! These amazing little machines come to North Weald with a choice of introductory and extended hovercrafting experiences available.

As it’s highly likely that you’ve never experienced the sensation of being in a hovercraft before we asked the team in Essex how it feels when you’re in one of these things and they simply said: “It’s like trying to control a vehicle with four flat tyres!” which we think is rather apt way of putting it.

It all looks very simple with just a handlebar and throttle to worry about but these hovercrafts that whizz around North Weald are proper slippery customers. Forget power steering driving aids and gadgets in this beast that’s full of air you’ll be using your bodyweight and moving the two rear rudders to try and go vaguely in the direction you want to.

This North Weald track has been especially devised to welcome this type of leisure hovercraft. Before you get the thumbs up to head out you’ll have to pass the test in the training area. If the instructors think you’ve got the basics and can keep the craft under control you will then go out out on your own to conquer the grass circuit.

We are offering two hovercrafting experiences at this fun venue in the heart of Essex. The five lap thrill gives you plenty of time to hone your skills on land whilst the 10 and 15 lap session will turn you into a bit of a sliding sensation as you complete your circuits.

The craft used on this hovercraft experience in Essex is the Marlin II. This modern British-built hovercraft can be driven as fast and furious as you fancy or as leisurely and gently as you feel comfortable with during your experience. With a super-efficient four stroke engine six-bladed rear fan and strong skirt they are great fun to pilot and (unusually) there is a seat so you won’t be kneeling in the hovercraft as you take it for a spin around North Weald.

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