Hydrospeeding Adventure

Get ready to go with the flow when you go hydrospeeding! You will be taking the leap of faith into fast moving waters clinging on to your trusty hydrospeed to ride the rapids in a river boarding extravaganza at this very special water sports centre near London.

The Legacy Loop you’ll be hydrospeeding down was used during the London 2012 Olympics as a practice run. Now it’s a white water centre for all with a huge range of activities on offer. None more so madcap than hydrospeeding. In essence it’s like a big foamy float with the front shaped like the bow of a boat to help you bosh through the fast-flowing water.

All budding hydrospeeders do an activity assessment before being let loose on the course. This is so the instructors can make sure you’re confident enough in the water. Once you’ve been given the all clear it’s time for you to grab hold of your hydrospeed and get boarding down the river of delights!

Expect an exhilarating mix of eddies boulders and rapids during the length of your hydrospeed course all of which will try and knock you off balance or at the very least send a spray of water into your face. As you bob around all over the place your job is to deftly steer your hydrospeed to the end of the 160m-long route.

With up to 10.5 cubic metres of water flowing every second (!) there’s a lot of force out there so no wonder you feel so exhausted at the end of it. But fear not fearsome hydrospeeders you get to have a rest in between runs as there’s a travelator to take you and your hydrospeed straight back to the top. So have a breather and get ready to ride that water all over again!

This hydrospeeding voucher is an opportunity to enjoy this thrilling watersport. You’ll be allocated a hydrospeed and become part of a group out on the waters at the same time. As well as a pre-hydrospeeding briefing on dry land and your swim assessment in the warm up lake there will be activity leaders posted along the banks of the course to keep and eye on you too. All that remains for you to do is take the leap of faith and get taken away by the rapids!

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