Incredible Auto Circus

Madcap motorsports and comedy cars join forces on this Incredible Auto Circus in Birmingham! Taking driving to a new altogether crazier level this four-hour car circus experience will see you tackling driving challenges that are sure to have you laughing out loud and bring out that competitive spirit too.

For this experience you can forget traditional vehicle control throw out the Highway Code and totally rethink how your drive. This is motoring like you’ve never seen it before. From drifting double-deckers and reverse steering this crazy circus car session has every driving challenge you could possibly think of – as well as plenty you couldn’t!

On arrival at this Birmingham venue you’ll be divided into small groups and over the course of the session you’ll compete in a series of auto activities. We have to say the circus skills section will seriously test your abilities. Just imagine you take the rear wheels off a vehicle replace them with castors and what have you got? One seriously slippery car that loves drifting that’s what.

There’s more in the way of madcap modified motors when you work as a duo to take on the double decker vehicle (that’s a car with another on top!). The top driver controls the steering and the bottom motorist deals with the pedals. It’s the ultimate test of trust and is guaranteed to give you tons of laughs. Things get even crazier with the Nag Drag Time Trial which comes with a twist – you’ll be blindfolded!

After that it’s all about getting race ready as you take part in the dirt track rally challenge and then a buggy safari. It’s an undulating track that’ll having you slipping and sliding all over the place. You’re at the limit of being control and it’s totally thrilling.

Your auto circus day in Birmingham ends with a certificate presentation ceremony celebrating (most probably) your utter inability to master the most bizarre automotive machines found anywhere in the UK. However the emphasis of this experience is on fun frolics and frantic error correction – of which there’s guaranteed to be carloads of. If you think you’ve got the driving skills needed to take on the auto circus then stop clowning around and book a voucher today.

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