Jack the Ripper Tour

Travel back in time to Victorian England with this Jack the Ripper tour of London’s East End! One of the country’s most famous criminals is brought back to life with walking tours that take in all the key sites implicated in this mysterious case of multiple murders that gripped the nation at the time and still does today!

It’s 1888 in the Spitalfields area of London and what became known as the Autumn of Terror is starting to unfold.  A ‘Lady of the night’ has been murdered by having her throat cut and the police have found dismembered body parts. The grisly discovery doesn’t stop there. More bodies are found as time goes on yet no-one has a clue to the identity of the serial killer or even what he might look like. The media is in a frenzy over the attacker nicknamed Jack the Ripper…or The Whitechapel Murderer…or the Leather Apron. Back to the present day and you’ll be following in the footsteps of the investigation into Jack the Ripper’s stomping ground around the East End of London on this fun tour

This gruesome but gripping real-life tale has never been solved despite hundreds of theories over the years. The story has inspired works of fiction TV shows and films too with some of the locations used featuring on your walking tour. Jack the Ripper inside information will be divulged and you’ll be privy to all the details of the case as you walk the streets visiting the murder sites the dark passages and the sombre alleyways that give a fascinating insight into life in 19th century London and Jack the Ripper.

All tours start from near Aldgate East Station and you will set off on foot for two hours of disturbing anecdotes and tales that’ll send a shiver down your spine. For an entertaining day out with a difference these Jack the Ripper tours of London are a great choice as they are a true slice of East End criminal history. By the end of the tour you’ll probably have formed your own criminal profile of the person voted ‘Worst briton in history’!

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