Jaguar F Type R Drive

Book a Jaguar F-Type driving experience and discover how a drive in this F-Type is pure theatre. This isn’t just any old F-Type from Jaguar it’s the F-Type R coupe. And just look at it – it’s gorgeous. And it sounds the total business too thanks to a little bit of what the Jaguar boffins call ‘controlled misfire’ – allegedly. Let us tell you more about this F-Type you’ll be driving…

We think this Jaguar’s ‘best side’ is the rear. The first thing you’ll notice is the quadruple exhaust tailpipes. Yep that means this car is running with a V8 engine. Then there are the sleek lines. This is a fastback in the true sense of the word and it really works in terms of styling with the long clean lines of the bonnet juxtaposing the stocky rear. Stunning.

Then there’s that noise. That deliberate calculated misfiring that has been carefully created when lifting off the gas means this car will 100% turn heads. And it’s one of those cars that you’ll hear way before you actually see it. In fact we advise anyone going on this Jaguar F-Type driving experience to actually watch (and listen) to the car for a while before you drive it as it’s the best way to appreciate the good looks and throaty V8.

Once you’re inside the rather snug cockpit you’ll realise the fastback styling does have its drawbacks namely vision. You can’t see much at all out of the rear windscreen. And even less so when the spoiler is up if you’re driving at what feels like warp speed in this top-of-the-range F-Type.

Handy then that you’re in the perfect environment for appreciating this car at its very best – the racetrack. And don’t forget with all wheel drive technology onboard it means you can actually put that power (all 550bhp of it) to good use for three or six glorious miles.

These Jaguar F-Type driving experiences are about as far removed from the image of Jags being for gentlemen of a certain age to drive to the golf club as you can get. For a start you’d have trouble even fitting a set of clubs in the boot of the R-Type. This car is loud on purpose and a thing of sheer beauty too. Just be prepared to be heartbroken when you have to give it back!

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Jaguar F Type R Drive
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