Jaguar F Type R Experience

Take your pick from a huge choice of tracks for this Jaguar F Type test drive! You may see the occasional F-Type out and about on the roads but these deluxe sporting motors are definitely most at home on a circuit so that’s just what we are offering with these drives.

Designed developed and built in and around Castle Bromwich this car epitomises British gentlemanly motoring. Yes we know that it’s technically owned by international investors but when you commandeer the likes of Ben Kingsley and Tom Hiddleston the hottest actor on the universe right now to promote your cars you can tell the market they are going for with the F-Type.

Luckily you’re not obliged to be suited and booted smooth talking and suave for these test drives. It’s actually all about letting this fantastic car do all the talking and even when it’s placed in amongst many other supercars the Jag shines brightly as a stand-out car. And indeed it might not be a supercar as such more of a luxury sports coupe but that doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly fun to drive and indeed the F-Type will test your motoring skills to the max.

As well as the obviously beautiful design of the car and the exquisite engine there are some rather neat little features of this car that you won’t notice straight away. As soon as you start to pick up some serious speed in the F-Type you can test the car’s handling even more as the retractable rear-wing spoiler comes into play to provide more downforce to keep you glued the tarmac. But even neater are the door handles which retract to be hidden when driving. Nice.

Inside ‘mission control’ you’ll see that this Jaguar is an eight-speed automatic with various driving mode options available. If you still want driver input into your gear selection there are the large paddle shifters on the steering wheel to play with and touch of the gear lever will also provoke a gear change too. Once again all this depends on your driving style but needless to say whether you’re a bit of a motorsport maestro or have more of a cautious approach taking a Jaguar F-Type out for a test drive is sure to be a thrilling experience!

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