Jaguar F-Type Thrill

The Jaguar F-Type thrill – bringing you one seriously striking sports car to a selection of circuits around the country! There’s no denying the F-Type is a stunning looking car but how does it drive? Will the Jag let out a big cat roar round the track or will it behave like a naughty little pussycat? This is your chance to find out.

But before you do let’s wax lyrical a little longer about the car. With those stylish fastback looks the F-Type is the worthy successor to the E-Type. Unleashed unto the world in 2013 this latest incarnation of Jaguar Land Rover’s flagship performance car truly shines the light on the excellence of British automotive engineering. Built in Castle Bromwich where car design and manufacturing is in the blood this car has rejuvenated Jaguar.

No longer are they just smooth motorway cruisers. As you’ll find out the thrill of driving the F-Type is clear. This is a proper driver’s car. Of course all the modern day electronic gadgets and gizmos are there but somehow they don’t impinge on your driving experience they subtly enhance it. Put basically you’ll feel like a driving God when you’re behind the wheel of the F-Type.

It’s so responsive so nimble and so well-balanced. It can be a very well-mannered car in traffic but let that 3.0l V6 engine loose on a circuit and this big cat comes alive. And we have to say the sports exhaust on this high-end V6 model certainly sings the perfect note when you hit the gas. A true delight.

This car is a very mature well-brought up high performance sports coupé that simply oozes class and style. It’s really really superb to drive and we think everyone deserves to experience that Jaguar F-Type thrill at least once in their driving careers!

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