Jump In Trampoline Arenas

Get into the groove and bounce bounce bounce at a trampoline arena! These huge indoor parks are really capturing the imagination of the nation allowing you to go jumping bouncing and boinging your way around on and over a multitude of modules. It’s time to get the spring back into your life!

There are trampoline parks and then there are trampoline arenas. To be classed as an arena the jump park has to cover at least 30 000 square feet – and that’s just the category we’re talking about here for these experiences. Quite frankly these places are vast. When you walk in for the first time you’re bound to look around wide-eyed in awe at it all. With brilliantly vivid colours and funky lighting they are dazzling bright and fantastic too.

So much more fun and inviting than your usual fitness gym the wonderful world of trampolining successfully gives you a physical workout whilst having the most fun you’ve had since you went on a baby trampoline at the seaside all those years ago. What’s more these indoor trampoline arenas actively welcome all ages so you can amaze the kids with your fancy somersault moves…or perhaps you’ll just embarrassingly bounce everywhere like a supercharged grinning Tigger?

And if you’re thinking a big warehouse full of trampolines doesn’t actually sound that exciting think again. The arenas are filled with vertical and horizontal bouncers and a whole lot more. There are bounce-able basketball corners balance beam battles foam pits and rope swings. There’s even a trampoline run where you can practice your floor gymnastics à la Beth Tweddle or just love the sensation of running along on a massively springy surface!

We reckon with these trampoline arenas springing up around the country it’s time to ditch the gym membership gather the family and go for a bouncing session together. Or maybe get a group of ‘up for it’ work mates sorted buy your vouchers and get the boing going. What’s more your voucher includes a bottle of water (it’s thirsty work all that leaping around) and a pair of special trampolining grippy socks that are yours to keep.

Find out more and book your place today!

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