Junior Aston Martin

Swish and stylish – teens will just love this junior Aston Martin driving experience! This thrilling session is sure to make any youngster incredibly happy – not just the ones obsessed with motors as Aston Martins are beautiful and very classy cars to drive that not many people get the chance to drive.

You might think we’re mad for letting teenaged drivers behind the wheel of such an expensive supercar but everything is set up and organised to make it even safer than driving on the public roads. All the Aston Martins used for these junior driving experiences are fully automatic and have dual-control systems fitted too so it’s doubly safe for all.

The circuit junior drivers will be heading out onto in the Aston Martin has been specifically coned out on nice smooth tarmac in a quieter area of the venue away from other experiences that might also be going on at the same time. This means kids can concentrate on driving and more importantly no licence is needed as it’s entirely on private land.

The main criteria for taking part in this wonderful Aston Martin drive is that juniors will need to be aware of the experience’s height restriction. Youngsters will need to be at least 5ft tall. If the child fits the height restriction are aged 10 to 16 year old and fancies having a whizz around the track in the most gorgeous car you’ve ever seen they are ready to roll.

This  Aston Martin DB9 – you are sure to be absolutely blown away by the power the engine noise the gorgeously plush interior and even the gleaming bodywork is sure to take your breath away. Capable of nearly 200mph and ridiculously rapid acceleration it’s set to be a pretty exhilarating experience for you and also for parents and friends watching from the sidelines.

Making for a superb present we think this junior Aston Martin driving experience is going to give any teenager a massive smile on their face as they take to the track in what has to be one of the best luxury sports touring cars out there at the moment. And let’s be honest wouldn’t it have been cool if an Aston was the first car you drove?

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Junior Aston Martin
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