Junior Bumblebee

Get ready to see your car-mad youngsters grinning from ear to ear thanks to this very special Bumblebee car! Your little ones will know that Bumblebee is one of the most popular Autobots out there having starred (in various forms) in endless Transformer films animations and books over the years.

But just what sort of car is Bumblebee? Once again your little darlings will know he has appeared in various guises from being a funky little yellow and black Beetle through a couple of different versions of the Camaro to today’s bang up to date fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro. And it’s this high-tech powerhouse the juniors will be driving.

He certainly looks the part as he roars into the pits. That bright sunny amber bodywork is set off with those distinctive bee-like black stripes that run across the bonnet. One touch of the accelerator and he growls loud enough to make you turn and look. With that impressive 6.2l all-aluminium supercharged engine this Bumblebee is sure to make young fans jump up and down with excitement.

But this transformer experience isn’t just about looking at and meeting Bumblebee in AltMode. This is all about getting to grips with this cheeky little bot out on the track. So it’s time for the mini Chevrolet fans to clamber into that Recaro racing style front seat and get ready to roll. Yes they will actually be driving!

Of course juniors aren’t let loose on the circuit to cruise solo and probably cause chaos they are accompanied at all times by a highly experienced and fully qualified instructor. And as the Chevrolet is transformed neatly into a dual-controlled car there’s no danger your offspring will get into trouble on the track

Each child will have three laps of the circuit in their Bumblebee car. This will give them enough time to get to know the track a bit and as the route gets familiar they should get faster with each pass. There might be no way of launching this Transformer into stealth force battle mode but it’s going to be supercharged Chevvy fun all the same!

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