Junior Movie Car Choice

Kids cars and films – that’s what this junior move car drive is all about! Let the children decide which motoring superheroes they’d like to drive and we’re pretty sure you’re going to be guaranteed there will be big smiles all around on the faces of these little drivers.

Getting to have a go at driving before reaching the grand old age of 17 is always a bit of a thrill but imagine if you got your first taste of motoring in the sort of car James Bond drives? Surely this is the stuff of teenage dreams and we here at IntotheBlue are the ones to give your kids the chance to experience real life movie-style cars for themselves.

Of course the cars aren’t the actual ones that were featured in the films. We’re guessing they’ve all been snapped up as museum exhibits or are sitting in film studio backlots somewhere between Pinewood and Hollywood. But this operator has forked out on the very same model of car or very similar lookalikes that certainly look the part. Pass them in the street and you’d have to have a very keen eye to not be convinced it’s the real Bumblebee rumbling past.

If you’re wondering how on earth children can actually drive these movie-star motors the answer is simple. Many are automatics and they have dual-controls so with an qualified instructor present at all times they can intervene if your little teen gets a little too tearaway in the Toyota Supra. They will also give lots of encouragement and tuition so your youngest won’t be continuously stalling in Tony Stark’s Audi R8.

What we love most about this movie car drive is that it’s the choice of the lucky teen which cars they actually drive. There’s a full fleet of funky film star cars out there just waiting to be chosen at a range of different circuits around the country. Whether it’s a one two or three car voucher the format is the same with three miles of the track in each car offered.

No previous driving experience or licence is necessary for these junior movie car drives. The only rules are that they need to be at least 4ft 3” tall to be able to reach the pedals and they have to be a child aged at least 10 years old. It’s time to get the opening credits rolling and burst out of the screen onto the real life track in these fab cars that teenagers will adore!

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